Q. Does it cost more or less to have silk or plastic plants?

                            A. More: Silk or plastic plants that look as close to the real thing cost more to purchase

                          and to clean. Often they deteriorate and must be replaced.  With our GREEN THUMB

                          EVERGREEN policy you never have to purchase the plants (the real thing) but once.


                            Q. Why is the service weekly instead of bi-weekly or monthly ?

                            A. Because the plants are living plants and their environment dictates that they be kept

                          moist and nourished.


                            Q. How do I determine the type of plant that will be best for a particular area.

                            A. That is where we come in and consult with you and provide you with a best 

                          suggestion.  This is at no cost to you.


                            Q. How long does it take to get plants placed in my location ?

                            A. It usually takes about 5 to 7 working days for the standard plants and sizes.  Special 

                          orders anything over 6 feet tall - will take a little longer.  We will keep you informed

o                         on the status of your special order delivery.


                            Q. What is your invoicing cycle ?

                            A. We invoice on the first of each month after service is rendered. 


                            Q. Why should I place living plants in my office or home ?

                            A. Because Studies have proven that living plants reduce stress and provide a calmer 

                          atmosphere.  Commercially, living plants have been a huge success in providing a

                          more conducive work environment.